Pirates of the Caribbean

In the Pirates of the Caribbean, passengers get into boats and they are carried along by a gentle current. They go through a series of rooms with pirates all around. There are several audio-animatronic figures including skeletons, a seagull, parrots, donkeys and yes even pirates. Also included are buildings on fire, splashes in the water from cannons blasting at your boat and for those who have a fear of falling, a short slide down an unseen waterfall is right after the skeleton steering a wrecked ship. It is a small drop by the way. Nothing that even comes close to the falls down Splash Mountain. The best additions is a mist of Davy Jones in front of you which you go through and in my opinion is a really cool addition to this ride. And, three separate spots in the ride which include captain Jack Sparrow from the movie. He actually looks like he is real which is amazing.

Wait time is approximately 15 minutes. When we got there in early June, we got right on in under 5 minutes most of the time. Fast pass is unavailable for this attraction.

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