Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square is definitely a must see. The story of a mansion inhabited by 999 happy haunts. But there's room for a thousand. Any volunteers?

This is mostly a ride, but there is a short walk through before you sit down and venture through this ghostly retreat. As you approach the mansion from the outside, you hear a wolf howling and see grave stones of some who are laid to rest. As you enter the doors to the side of the mansion, you will see many incredible effects. There's a stretching room, doom buggies which will hold 2-3 passengers, pictures that follow you, a floating head, a ballroom scene where ghosts appear and disappear, a ghost that appears in your doom buggy with you and many more. Some of the best additions to the Haunted Mansion include Madam Leota's grave stone where the head on the stone moves up and down, then the eyes open briefly, another is the new staircase room right past the organ where a ghost is playing, and one of my personal favorites is the attic room where they put a new hologram style audio-animatronic bride figure.

Be prepared to be scared. The Haunted Mansion is an awesome attraction to see. Even the young children love it. My daughter at 6 years old went on it several times. So much so, I lost count.

Lines going to the Haunted Mansion are not bad at all. No fast pass is available for this ride. The longest we waited in early June was about an average of 15 minutes. Most of the time though it was 5 minutes and under.

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