The Wishes Fireworks Spectacular at Magic Kingdom

The Wishes Fireworks Spectacular at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is one of the highlights of the night. You watch and listen as Jiminy Cricket narrates this excellent light show of making wishes come true. Classic Disney songs and character voices are used during the presentation while you're mesmerized by fireworks. Into about 2 minutes of the show, a stunt girl playing Tinkerbell appears at the top of the castle and looks as though she is flying from the castle high above your heads and ending up disappearing somewhere over Tomorrowland. My 6 year old daughter could not stop talking about it. She had no idea who Tinkerbell really was until she saw this stunt which is pulled off every night at the Magic Kingdom. Now she has to have Tinkerbell everything. I think we spoiled her.

The show starts at 10:00 PM and is approximately 12 minutes long. My recommendation is to find a good location about an hour before the show begins so you can get a clear view of everything happening. One of the best top spots we found in my opinion is at the end of Main Street, walk to the right and sit down at one of the outdoor tables directly in front of the Plaza restaurant. Great view from here. And one night we were late for the fireworks due to my daughter, my wife and my mom who all went to wait for the Dumbo ride in Fantasyland. Me and my dad waited in front of the Pinocchio Village Haus restaurant next to the carousel. Shortly after they returned from their ride, we sat, waited and watched as all the fireworks seemed to blast off all around us which was really cool. The downside to this area is that you cannot see Tinkerbell fly down from the top of the castle. Disappointing if your little ones are looking for her and don't see her.

If you have kids, or you are a big kid yourself, you don't want to miss this one. It's a great get together with the whole family and/or friends alike.

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