SpectroMagic at the Magic Kingdom theme park is a nighttime parade of floats with about a half million dazzling lights and miles of fiber optics cables. Many of the floats are filled with sparkling lit up Disney characters.

You will absolutely love the awesome lights and the music is just fitting as it celebrates multiple scenes from Disney films narrated by Jiminy Cricket.

SpectroMagic begins each night showing at two times during selected months. The first one is at 9:00 and the second is at 11:00. Be sure to find a spot maybe about a half an hour before the show to get a good view. We had a decent view of the parade from outside of the Hall of Presidents. The music in this parade will stick with you for quite awhile. Me and my family hummed and sang the song long after the parade was over.

My recommendation is to not miss this one. SpectroMagic has replaced the Main Street Electrical Parade which was very good. Sad to see it go but this is an amazing substitute. Anyways, check it out below and leave a comment if you wish.

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