Country Bear Jamboree

The Country Bear Jamboree is located in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom theme park in Walt Disney World.

This attraction is a stage show featuring audio-animatronic bears performing country music songs. The bears rise up from the stage, appear from behind curtains, and lower down from the ceiling. Also included during the performance are audio-animatronic animal heads such as a moose, a buffalo and a deer mounted on the right wall who all interact with the bears on stage.

Check out the two part videos below of Country Bear Jamboree for the entire performance. Make yourself comfortable, clap your hands and stomp your feet. Enjoy!

My review, don't miss this one. It's fun entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. The show is approximately 14 minutes in length.

Fastpass is unavailable for this attraction but you shouldn't need one anyway. The longest you might wait would be about 20 minutes. We got in almost immediately when we visited in early June.

There is one more video that some of us who have went to Disney World for years remember. When the show ended and you went out the doors to the right, you entered into an eating area which was called "The Mile Long Bar". And on the wall directly in front of you was again the talking animal heads. I miss this part. The wall along with the audio-animatronic heads are just a memory now. We used to grab a bite to eat after the show and watch them talk and move. Check it out below.

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