Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor is one of the newer attractions located in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. It replaced the Circle-Vision attraction. Laugh Floor is furnished with about 400 seats and uses digital puppet technology where live actors perform voices for computerized monsters from the movie behind large digital screens. The image above is the layout and design of the theatre itself.

Monstropolis runs on safe, clean "laugh power", but even now it still needs more laughs to power up the monster world. So, the object of the show is to obtain all the laughs into the giant canister until it is full. According to Roz, if you don't fill up the container with laughs then they may not have enough power to open the exit doors. Mike Wazowski is the monster of ceremonies and introduces all of the show's comedians.

One of the Laugh Floor's top key components is interacting with guests. Before entering the performance, guests can send text messages with jokes into their cell phones to be used on the show. In the theatre, backstage cameras are used to zoom in on guests whom they want to interact with. A microphone is brought to the selected guest where the person can then talk to the performer on stage.

This truly is a great performance that will get the laughs they need and deserve. I highly recommend you to at least see Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor once. It is fun for all ages. The presentation will run between 14 and 15 minutes long. No fastpass is available but it is worth the wait. We waited approximately 20 minutes before we got into the theatre. My family and I all loved Laugh Floor. We laughed so much until we cried. I thought it was absolutely incredible how they interacted with the guests.

Below are videos taken of Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor in two parts. Some of it is a little dark and tough to see but you should still be able to hear the jokes. It's pretty funny.

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Thanks Steve for the Disney Vacation- it's been17 years since my family was visiting Disney World. Loads of Fun!