The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is a drop thrill ride at the Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park in Walt Disney World. This attraction is based upon the television show of "The Twilight Zone".

The story of the hotel includes the hotel tower being struck by lightning transporting passengers aboard the elevator into the Twilight Zone. The Tower of Terror is just under 200 feet high at 199 feet because of FAA regulations that require a fixed red light beacon to be added to the top of any 200-foot or taller structure taking away the effect of the hotel's 1939 theme. Guests enter the hotel through the main entrance gate winding itself through the overgrown gardens and into the lobby. You are then ushered into the library where you observe a thunderstorm going on outside. Lightning strikes and a television comes on with Rod Serling hosting the events that took place and are about to happen. Guests then enter a basement boiler room where they wait for their elevator to arrive. CAUTION: Don't get on this elevator if you have a fear of falling or of dark creepy things. Take the chicken's elevator for a safe trip down where you can wait for the rest of your party, if they come back.

The cool thing when guests board their doomed elevator is that the elevator cab not only goes up and down but goes sideways as well. As the elevator goes up and stops, doors will open briefly to reveal a corridor populated by the ghostly occupants from 1939, who then disappear. The doors close and the elevator moves up and at the top, the doors again open and the cab mysteriously moves forward out of the shaft, through a section of the ride called The Fifth Dimension. After the elevator moves in to the final shaft and the doors open overlooking the park, the drop of the elevator begins at random. It dropped approximately 4 times on average when we rode it.

My recommendation is if you love thrill rides, this is a good one that you don't want to miss out on. We all loved this attraction but I could only ride it twice. I don't think my stomach could have handled it anymore than that. Don't eat before you ride this. You might upchuck on someone. Get a fastpass if you don't want to wait long because the wait times can be extremely long anywhere from 60 to 120 minutes being that it's a popular attraction. Anyone with weak knees or stomachs can walk through until you get to the boiler room and then you might want to take the coward elevator down.

There are 2 videos below of the Tower of Terror. The first is of the ride when it was MGM Studios but hasn't changed much. And the second is a 3D virtual version of the Tower of Terror which is pretty awesome. Check them out below.

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